¡Hola! Yo quiero una taza de Starbucks por favor.

23 10 2012

This morning I was craving some authentic Mexican coffee so I wound up at Starbucks

So redminister is in Mexico City ahora.  According to mi madre, it’s my second time here.  But I was too small, so no me acuerdo nada.  Honestly, it feels like home and the people here are very friendly.  Me gusta mucho.

I took three years of Español in high school.  I think I got an A in every class, but didn’t get many opportunities to use it.  This past month and a half, I’ve been listening to Spanish language lessons (Pimsleur) on my commute to work.  Since I spend a good dos horas en la Honda o Acura, Lunes a Viernes, using the language is on my mind.

This morning, I had my chance to use mi Español.  This is kind of how the interaction went…

Alejandro: ¡Buenos Dias señor!
Barista: Good morning sir, how can I help you?
Alejandro: Dos pan de queso y un alto cafe Americano por favor
Barista: Two cheese breads and a tall cup of Americano?
Alejandro: Si señor.
Barista: Do you want space for milk?
Alejandro: No leche por favor.
Barista: Can I get your name?
Alejandro: Alejandro
Barista: What?
Alejandro: Alejandro
Barista: Oh, Alex
Alejandro: Si, Alejandro

So even though this barista was dead set on helping El Chino in Ingles, I’m proud of myself for not using any Ingles in my transaction.  I’m planning to go again tomorrow to practice some more.  Ok…enough blogging.  Time for una siesta.

Hasta Pasta,






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23 10 2012

Yo quiero taco bell…..

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